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Many credits that saved Americans thousands of dollars on their 2009 tax returns... Read more

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Articles & Tips

A New Look at Credit Scores
Nothing ever stays the same, and that goes for how your credit is scored. Now, the... Read more
  Annuities and Long-Term Care: 2010 News and Views
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Digitize and organize your finances in the new year
Being smarter about money is one of the most common New Year's resolutions, whether... Read more
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Divorce and Money: If Only I Had Known!
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Going to college is, for most students, the first time they'll feel really independent.... Read more
Five vital questions to prepare for your financial future
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  How to choose a financial advisor
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Is Your IRA Feeling Neglected?
If you are like most people, your IRA isn’t getting enough attention. It may... Read more
  Make your money work for you with pain-free spending cuts
The best way to start evaluating your finances is to compare your monthly income... Read more
Need money for college? Hidden sources can help
Achieving a college degree can mean more and better professional opportunities throughout... Read more
  Now’s the Time to Revisit Retirement Draw-Down Amounts
When it comes to retirement, a lot has changed since our parents’ days. Some... Read more
Overwhelmed by debt? Know your options
If you find yourself in a financial hole you can't get out of, it's important to... Read more
  Seniors shoulder a surprisingly large credit card debt burden
Younger generations of Americans have long looked up to their elders as paragons... Read more
Ten steps to turn your hobby into a small business
Given the state of the U.S. economy, you might assume that turning your hobby into... Read more
  The Family Mission Statement
How are a family and a business alike? Both can benefit from having a mission statement.... Read more
The time is now to start saving for retirement
Retirement may be right around the corner or a far off thought, depending on where... Read more
  Tips for newlyweds to talk about money
If you haven't yet butted heads with your mate over money, chances are you will... Read more
Tips to talk money with your children
These four tips are just a few ways parents get the lessons started at home with... Read more
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It's been a tough few years for most Americans, facing a constricting national -... Read more
Women's finances: Embrace the power of the purse
Every woman should have a healthy relationship with money, but the reality is that... Read more
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Just as you take care of your physical health in preparation for summer fun, you... Read more
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